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The world demands citizens who are more creative, imaginative and innovative than ever before, which means we need to ignite curiosity and passion - (Katie Martin, 2018; Learner Centered Innovation; Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius)

Students develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions to solve authentic problems inspiring lifelong learners, critical consumers, and productive thinkers. Students “learn to learn” rather than solely consume information. In addition to teaching foundational skills such as reading and writing, students learn to apply the foundational skills to communicate, collaborate and solve meaningful problems. Moreover, we align powerful learning experiences with the types of skills and character traits we want our students to develop.

At SCIS, we provide exploratory wonder-filled learning experiences to reach the hearts, souls and minds of our students. Learners are empowered to investigate how to make an impact on the world through learner agency and choice, authentic  projects, and integrated subjects. We align meaningful learning experiences designed to meet the needs of individual learners while creating an environment that encourages risk taking in pursuit of learning and growth rather than perfection.

Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning provides opportunity to cultivate curiosity, passions and interests through provocations and wonderings, modeling how inquisitive questions can drive learning opportunities. Learning happens through investigative processes designed to encourage learners to think beyond the facts and come to deeper conceptual understandings while harnessing 21st century skills.

Engaging students in tracking real world questions and problems and through authentic contexts at both local and global levels, learners deepen their understanding of how the world works while building and refining targeted skills. At SCIS, we utilize many avenues for engaging in IBL such as project-based learning and maker-centered learning. 

Project based learning

In project based learning (PBL) students work on extended projects relevant to their interests, community needs, and learning stage while engaging them in real world problems and/or answering complex questions about the world around them.

Through products or presentations presented beyond the classroom, students demonstrate deep content knowledge along with 21st century success skills -- to think critically, to solve real-life problems, to collaborate with others, and to communicate their ideas. PBL maximizes student motivation and interest, unleashing a contagious creative energy among students and teachers.

Working on solutions to make the world a better place

How We Educate

21st Century Learning Skills

21st Century skills are embedded throughout the curriculum. It’s more important than ever to apply critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication throughout the disciplines to ensure our students are reedy for their future in the world.

To prepare our students for an unforeseen future learning must go beyond the foundational skills to include information, media and technology literacy. These skills are essential to prepare our students to engage in our world today and tomorrow.

Maker-centered learning

In maker-centered learning (MCL) environments students express themselves creatively with new technologies tinkering with both physical and digital materials. Learners are encouraged to innovate, iterate and be creative, promoting intellectually empowering experiences. MCL is process-oriented, student-driven learning allowing for individuality and personal expression.

Students learn and express knowledge in new and exciting ways that reflect the world they live in. In MCL classrooms students develop as creative thinkers - taking risks, trying new things, defining their own problems, coming up with innovative ideas and creative new directions, while constantly exploring, experimenting, and testing boundaries.

Maker centered


Moving beyond the traditional grading and reporting, ASIC will use modern authentic assessment practices. Formative assessment will drive next steps and learning while innovative summative assessments will showcase learning process and knowledge. Learning and learning processes are showcased through portfolio assessment and student led conferencing.

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